The Man-Eating Tree Is a Finnish six-piece band, performing atmospheric metal music.

The seed of the new band was planted when Vesa Ranta, having taken a break from music after Sentenced, began to overcome his post-Sentenced battle fatigue and lack of musical motivation. The idea of a new band – or bands – was eventually brainstormed over a period of time between Vesa and his friends, including gentlemen Miika Tenkula, Aaron Rantonen, Janne Markus and Mikko Uusimaa. Plans were made reality in 2009; the outfit was completed by the addition of Tuomas Tuominen as a vocalist and Heidi Määttä as a keyboard player. First demo recordings were made in the spring and summer of 2009.

The bulk of compositions are the origin of Janne, with some contribution also from Antti and Tuomas. Much of the lyrical input is contributed by Tuomas Tuominen. These are the building blocks of the music, which is finally arranged hands-on at the band house by the entire group:

Tuomas Tuominen – Vocals
Janne Markus – Guitars
Antti Karhu – Guitar
Mikko Uusimaa – Bass
Heidi Määttä – Keyboards
Vesa Ranta – Drums

After releasing their debut album “Vine (2010)” outside of Finland Century Media Records signed The Man-Eating Tree worldwide. Yet again band have recorded their sophomore album “Harvest” with Hiili Hiilesmaa, but with some extra force injected by their additional guitarist Antti Karhu.

Tuomas describes the “Harvest”:

“Dear friends,

The summer is gone. I just sat down at the side of a field. Watched, for one fleeting moment, a man reap the crop had sown in the Spring, grown during the Summer. Much in a similar timeline as his fields have turned golden, we recorded our sophomore album. From the endless summer sun of the North, we hippies evacuated into the studio, to capture our next stereo recording.

In studio, we were already accompanied by Antti Karhu. Some of you already got the chance to meet him briefly on our late summer shows. The fine young man was welcomed to our line-up during the Spring to play some mean guitar. He brings a style of playing that ranges through the far reaches of our music with ease. Soulful in one moment, packing all the needed punch in the next.

The new recording and the strengthened line-up are not the only things that have come to a completion during the past few months. The album will be released worldwide through Century Media Records, with whom we inked a record deal in the summer. Good to work with the Century Media people, the warmth and dedication in their work matches that of ours. More news on the album, live dates and other actual issues will follow shortly. In the meantime, stop for a moment to enjoy what the harvest season brings you.”