Promo 2011

Harves promo pictures by Jaakko Alataloa

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Armed video sessions

Still images from video and photos from video sessions on 24.9.2011 by Jaakko Alatalo

29 Photos

Harvest studio sessions

Recording the second album during the June-August 2011

41 Photos

European tour with Tarot

During the October-November 2010

39 Photos

Nuclear Nightclub 18.6.2010

Photos by: Raimo Juola, Ari Lavander and Henri Laukka

14 Photos

Out of the Wind video shootings

Shooting the video for "Out of the Wind" in Hailuoto on May 2010

27 Photos

Vine studio sessions

Recording The Man-Eating Tree debut album on January 2010 at Mastervox studio with Hiili Hiilesmaa.

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Out of the Wind wallpapers

"Out of the Wind" single cover for desktop wallpaper

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