Wooden Diary

January 4th, 2012 - random thoughts part ??

Somewhere in the Germany again and heading to Nurnberg. We watched some Uuno movies so the time is flying by and traveling does not feel bad at all. And good roads all the way makes it even easier to move from city to another.

First show after two day offs was even bit shorter than usually but it was intense as hell. Today we probably get back to normal set but surely will keep it still intensive. Or maybe we try something else again,who knows?

Soon we are in the middle of the journey but lots of interesting countries and places are still ahead. Atmosphere is usually very different in all countries and cities but in this tour audiences has been very great so far.

I try to get also other guys to write some notes down here but it is such a challenge and better not to promise anything.

January 2nd, 2012 - Day off stays on

It seems that we forgot the existence of this diary for couple of days but I can already tell that lots has happened since Hyde Park update.

All shows have been good and especially the last two ones (Karlsruhe and Pratteln) were really great. We have tried couple of different setlists and the latest one we played on New Year’s eve has been my personal favourite. And the after party in Z7 was good as well..Sparkling wine,white Russians, Jekku, fireworks etc. guaranteed the good mood for everybody.

We spent our first day off near the swiss-border in small town called Lörrach. Simple things there;cozy hotel,good food,sleeping and laundry service.
Now we are heading to Strasbourg for another day off. Tomorrow we will hit the stage again in Saarbrucken.See you there!

December 28th, 2011 - Hyde Park

Internet. Never imagined the lack of connection would make me suffer pains vicious pains those agonizing days of our South-bound journey through Sweden to Central Europe. It was a strange mixture of going web cold turkey and the sheer sadness of being away from family and loved ones during Christmas. That last evening preceding our rendez-vous with the rest of the band in Berlin, the booked and paid for internet connection refused to work. It felt like a grand betrayal. Devised for our sorry asses just on Christmas day.

Now, two nights into the tour, the worst of those pains are starting to lift off. The relief of the computer catching a wi-fi network here at Hyde Park, Osnabruck – it was like a weight being lifted off of my back. Finally some cost-effective messaging home, those few soothing words – and finally a window into – uh, is it reality? The things that happen somewhere outside of this haze of the road? This curious medium, through which we travel. Though it is early, it already is slowly kicking in. It makes you lose grasp of days, sometimes even locations, and the bag life most certainly makes you lose any idea of where the small important items are in a given time. Toothbrush, that particular shirt, the asthma inhaler, those brilliant Erätukku socks, my black jacket, that other pair shoes. It seems that small things like these change their places all the time – as if they were escaping capture like small prey under chase.

Despite the inevitable shadows, the lights that seep into the touring life are powerful and bright. Those moments when we see you out there in the audience – feel the delivery of our music, when we pour our hearts out. There are few feelings in the world quite as powerful as those fine moments on stage. That feeling of comradery at the face of practical challenges – such as the technical set-up of a Christmas tree into a Sprinter van.

I would like to wish you warmly welcome tonight at Hyde Park, Osnabruck. We will start already shortly before 20:00 this evening.

All the best,


December 27th, 2011 - Tour diary? Random notes more exactly

Yesterday we started off from Jena and it was good opening for the tour. During our show there were already lots of people and in the end venue was packed full (sold out?) with the German metalheads.

Aksu proved himself as a perfect choice right from the beginning and did great job behind the drum kit. Now we are heading towards the Bochum to give another half hour dose of atmospheric metal. See you there and stay tuned for more updates in here.

September 7th, 2011 - What the summer has grown, this hippie will eat

What a fine day yesterday was. Spent most of it in the woods, collecting boletes, lingonberries and the last of this years blueberries. A brief moment also at the side of a small Northern lake. The water there might as well have been the definition of black. And the color of the small perches caught there. Dark beauties of a cold blackness. The dinner made of these components was nothing but a surge of fresh Northern power in all of its freshness and beauty.

It is harvest season. I hope the busy times ahead will leave at least some days free to enjoy it.

October 20th, 2010 - Supertender

Vultures. The name of the new song. It was the first one I wrote the text and outlined all vocals for here at the Antskog House, to which I have retreated to live for now. I don’t know, I have been feeling better lately, though still very tired and burdened by work. To shed a light into everything, I have become again very conscious about the nature here. The nearby lakes and forests. Never thought I’d seriously think in this way but nature does seem to have healing powers beyond belief.¬† I spent some alone time again¬† fishing on the nearby forest lakes a while ago, wandered through the woods to reach each of the small lakes and ponds. The fall was making it’s way. I found a place where I could tell no living human had set foot in many, many years. The moss on the ground was so green it was nearly blinding, and everything was (and still is, I turned around to take a different path) totally untouched. Like a carpet that is so precious it cannot be stepped upon. I don’t know if I need pills for this but I felt as if my mind was washing itself clean of everything. Maybe it’s my belief system that has been the challenge. Maybe the fact that I have had zero time for myself. I don’t have the definite answer but maybe slowing things down a bit would do me nothing but good. Vultures is about people. Busy people. Hungry people. Weary people. It’s about things I have seen in the news. It’s about leaders in front of masses, masses facing high walls. In some way, it’s also about me.

My curse and blessing in music, maybe also in life, is that I am moved by things. I wanted to write with words and metaphors that touch me somehow, that make a point, that I feel are important in some way. To me, this song will be important forever, regardless. I will remember the days of my life when I hummed it’s vocal lines here, thinking about everything, the fishing trip I took. Furthermore, I wanted the song not only to sound good but to, hmm… how can I put this… suggest a path when it comes to our music. I hope you’ll like it.

We’re going on tour on the coming weekend. What the hell? I’m having trouble believing it. I’ve been working slowly for a long, long time to achieve something like this. Now it’s there, practically knocking on my door, calling my name. And I don’t know what to pack with me. And I am so superbusy I don’t have time to go shopping for the things that I don’t know yet I will need. So what have I done? Ordered some select stuff by mailorder, of course. And guess what? I have a strong feeling I woke up too late to this business of being really ready to go when it comes to material things.

Let me predict what will happen. Next Monday, I will have here at my mailbox some cool new books to read, new music to listen to – and quality socks to wear. This is a very, very nice prospect that I am very much looking forward to.

I will be in Czech Republic next Monday.

October 5th, 2010 - Say it in Slugs

Here I am. The Vine album is out. This white house is standing on it’s hill. This verdammte hippie inside, listening to Entombed, quietly. Now, I know the first idea that springs to mind is that only stupids listen to Entombed quietly. Well, funk you, I sometimes do, before going to sleep. The only light within a few miles is the light here in my upstairs hideout. The fall is making it’s way and there is no fighting back. And why the hell would I, actually. This is my favorite season. There less of all kinds of shit in the air, which helps my asthmatic self in every which way. And of course it seems that the nature has it’s pockets full of all kinds of riches after the summer past. Went fishing the other day. Didn’t catch anything but it still felt so damn good. Just to be out at the lake. I was tired after a long week of work and what not, surely looked like shit under my stupid fishing hat, but I didn’t care much. Just silently worried about if the old rowing boat would break in half and sink on this “tour” or the next one. The only living soul I met, apart from a couple of too small silly pikes, was a white tail deer. He was standing at the shore, minding his own business.

I cannot describe how brilliant it feels to have the album out. And how vulnerable too, somehow. It is however exciting to find out how you people find it.And then, after a few years, get back and listen to the album again with a listener’s ears. For the moment, this sort of approach is still impossible. The entire process of writing and recording is still too close. But I know this approach will be rewarding later on.

Our European Tour with Tarot will start in a few weeks. For me, that will be a totally new experience. Unlike my friends in this band, I have never been on a tour like this before. Hate to admit it but some of countries I have also never visited before. It will be something entirely different for me. I hope and believe that we can deliver excellent shows nevertheless. We’ll surely see some interesting places, meet cool new people. Can’t wait.

July 16th, 2010 - Century Media etc

Two things. Firstly, our first full-scale public performance went well. It’s been so long since my last appearance on stage, that I had already forgotten how good it feels to sing live. I am sure my band mates felt equally good about our last show at Nuclear Nightclub. It was a rush. The audience was great- it was a heartwarming experience to share the experience with you – thank you all who were there!

Second issue. Century Media has licensed the Vine album for a worldwide release. I am looking forward to working together with the Century Media team.

Third issue, a bonus issue, if you will. We have some brand new material in the works. Can’t wait to get my hands on it and get to work on the vocals.

June 18th, 2010 - Here goes

Just finished with the soundcheck for tonight’s show at Nuclear Nightclub. I am feeling really anxious about this. It’s the first real show with this band. The soundcheck was really promising – it felt good to sing and the overall sound of things was really nice. Which is nice, because I hear there are not all that many tickets left anymore. Crazy.

What can I say? I believe it will be brilliant! Meet you there!

June 6th, 2010 - Northern Hippies

Greetings from Oulu. I am sitting on the couch, resting at Vesa’s place, feeling brain dead. We’ve been rehearsing for our first full lenght show. The difficulty level of today’s band practice was slightly elevated by the percussive effects of our visit to the Nuclear Nightclub last night. They made us drink alcoholic beverages there.

Last week, Out of the Wind reached third position in the Finnish single charts – which is nice. From what I hear, it’s not going to stay on the charts for very long because the edition is already nearly sold out. Thanks, all of you who got it!

All the best,